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My Approach

As an integrative psychotherapist I have been trained to work in a variety of ways and to be flexible according to the individual client's needs. I believe we are all different and what is beneficial to us changes as we encounter challenges throughout life.

My approach draws on humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic models of therapy to help gain a better understanding of an individual's lived experience and how they make sense of it. With a flexible approach, individuals may choose to explore past experiences that may impact on their current life and relationships, or they may work on finding ways to deal better with challenges and gain practical skills. Alternatively, they may seek support during a challenging life transition or loss. Fundamental to my approach to psychotherapy is a trusting and collaborative relationship which allows us to explore your issues together.

Whether you seek short- or long-term therapy, we will periodically review what you seek to get out of therapy. 

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